Dear gentlemen!

We invite you to visit the city of Omsk and get to know our beautiful women!

Omsk - one of the largest industrial cities in Russia with a developed infrastructure, located in the heart of Siberia, with a population of over 1,973,900 people.

In our city, along with the latest modern buildings are objects of historical architecture, as the city has a long history of its existence - it was founded in 1716.

Omsk - a city of brides, beautiful, intelligent and worthy women.

In our agency collected the form of women of different age, status, external data, which are united by one desire: to find the man she loved and to create a happy family.

Every man who goes to our agency has the opportunity to evaluate the external beauty of our women , their femininity and spiritual beauty , a great number of priceless qualities without which it is impossible to build a happy family : - thrift , ability to get along with

people, wisdom, love of children, and at the same acumen and entrepreneurial spirit .

If you really want to find a Russian wife, and do it as quickly as possible - we invite you to use our program site and come to us in Omsk!

Me program is designed for 7 days 6 nights stay Omsk , the cost of the tour - 1250 euros.

The price includes:

- Interviews with 10 girls, who are placed in our catalog for men pre-selection ;

- Transfer 10 hours ( on average to 3-5 per day) ;

- Transfer from the airport to the hotel when accompanied by an interpreter ;

- Advance booking and payment at the hotel 7 days 6 nights;

- Escort interpreter at check-in ;

- Check -signing a foreign national in the Office of the Migration Service of the city;

- Round the clock access to the telephone number of an interpreter and administrator of the tour ;

- City tour ;

- Transfer from the hotel to the airport when accompanied by an interpreter .

Additional services:

If you want to extend your stay in our city, the price per extra day of stay is 250 euros and includes:

- 3 interviews for each additional day;

- Individual counseling;

- Additional night's stay at the hotel;

- Excursions by choice;

- Overtime extra translation - 12 euros per hour.

The program is for: - 7 days 6 nights in Omsk:

Day 1 - "The arrival in Omsk"

At the time of your arrival at the airport - you will have to expect a representative of the agency. You will see a sign with your name. You'll be transported and escorted to the hotel where previously booked a room for you.

Set in the heart of the city, near the office of the agency. The hotel rooms are comfortably furnished with modern design.



Photos of the hotel:

Breakfast at the hotel is included in the tour price.

After the procedure of lodging and a short rest you will be escorted to our office.

In the office, you will get acquainted with the full list of photos and profiles of our customers.

We will help you to choose the candidates for further meetings, we give the necessary feedback on their personal data and help you figure out what their likes.

Also advise on the list of basic questions to be asked during an interview with the girls to get to know them.

In the afternoon, you will be presented with the girls that you selected earlier for our catalogs.

Each girl will be a 30-minute interview accompanied by an interpreter.

Evening - city tour

Day 2

Organization and carrying out 30 - minute interview with 3-5 selected girls.

Excursion to choose

Day 3

Organization and carrying out 30 - minute interview with 3-5 selected girls.

Excursion to choose

Day 4

Summing up the results of a meeting and determined in choosing award. It is desirable to narrow the sympathies of 2-3 girls, in order to get to know them and organize individual meetings. This can be a theater, dinner at a restaurant, a walk through the city.

Day 5

Individual meetings with the girls. Dinner at the restaurant.


Day 6

Day of the final selection of girl that you would like to chat and get to know each other more. Data exchange e-mail, Skype. Discuss further plans for the future (e-mail correspondence, chat on Skype, inviting girls to their country together traveling, etc.)

Day 7 - "Day of Departure"

You will be escorted out of the hotel and taken to the airport.

We hope you will enjoy our hospitality and you will find your love!

We will forward your relationship and after the trip.

You may have signs of attention like the girl even after your departure. With great joy on

your instructions, we will deliver to her flowers and gifts.


We are confident that you will enjoy the time that you spend in Omsk, and we hope that here you will find your destiny!

Good luck! We are waiting for you!


From Siberia with love - International Marriage Agency "Versailles"



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