«We help you to find love and happiness».

Welcome, gentlemen!

My name is Larisa Brodnikova.

I am the director of the                

Marriage Agency “Versailles”.

International Marriage Agency “Versailles” was established with the purpose of helping people from different countries to find each other and make close relations in view to create a happy family, independently of age and social status! The main priorities of our agency: Love, Marriage, Family. And the best reward for us is the gratitude of our customers, who have already found their happiness. The search of your soulmate with our agency is simple and safe, no tricks, no jokes and as simple as to fulfil your profile below.

The members of our agency are smart, decent and beautiful women of all ages, who dreams to find a beloved foreign man and create a happy family with him.
There are some reasons of why our women will like to find a husband abroad instead of in homeland:

Superior number of women than men, therefore less marriageable men.

Presence of some addictions in men which interfere in creating a family.

Men become egoistic and irresponsible towards the family.

Unfortunately in our modern Russian society, marriage, as well as family traditions and values are losing importance, especially by our men who cannot keep their family. And even if couples are getting married, after a few years they get divorce, unable to cope with family’s challenges.

Therefore many Russian women stay alone with the children, with the handicap that most men do not provide financial support for the children after divorce, or such support has only formal legal character and not as a moral duty towards the children.

We can’t argue much more about our men, but we think in some foreigner countries the culture, moral and ethics of men are more open minded and more consequent with family responsibilities, they will never repudiate their children even in a case of divorce and they will always face their duties.

Consequently they are more respectful for their women, more sensitive and communicative, better economical stability, which gives stability in a relationship, and more patient in relations with a foreigner woman coming to his homeland.

From the other side, based on those objective reasons mentioned, Russian women takes the pole position in a market of brides, our women are smart, educated, know how to dress and look attractive and sexy, herewith they are faithful, caring wives and efficient housewives. Russian women are family minded and they can find solution for every problem, always ready to reach a compromise before to arrive to a conflict.

Therefore, the wish of Russian woman in the search of a foreign husband coincides with the wish of foreign man to have smart, beautiful and caring wife from Russia. Respect and love a Russian woman and it will be for you the only one and forever.

International Marriage Agency “Versailles” offers you the possibility of being one of our selected club’s member and create a happy family with a beautiful Russian woman.
Just in a few minutes you can become a member by fulfilling your profile below and start to meet our women.

Fulfil the formulary and become part of our select Agency:

Address of agency:                Russia Federation, Omsk region, Omsk city
Tretiakovskaya St., 69A

Telephones: 8 (312) 38-71-83
Working hours: Mon. – Fri. 11:00 – 19:00
E-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

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